Top 4 Shirt Matching Skills You Should Try In Winter

Mostly, the winter is covered by sweaters, cotton clothes and coats. It is estimated that everyone will forget the trendy shirts that are stuffed in the corner. Many people think that the shirts are not too reliable in winter, and they are too cold to wear. It is even more impossible to take a ride. In fact, as long as you get some matching methods, you can make this basic item in the current season is chic and warm, today we would like to give you some inspiration.

1 Turtleneck shirt + shirt + jacket

The various routines of the high-collar inner jacket + jacket must be mastered by the girls. If you want to enrich the overall level, it is better to add a shirt between the two. No matter what kind of jacket you wear, a shirt can easily hold the whole look. If you like a handsome match, you can put a denim shirt inside. If the color is matched inside and outside, it will reflect the fashionable skill. How do you want to have a different shape? In fact, it is very simple, you can refer to below red turtleneck, eye-catching index soaring. The solid color shirt is best suited for various materials and colors. This kind of wearing is also very suitable for the northern heating children, even if you take off your coat indoors, you can win.

2 T-shirt + shirt + jacket

T-shirts and shirts are integrated into thick jackets, which are not bloated, and the vitality of T-shirts is also very young. Switch to a thick and heel with a soft transition between the elegant and elegant, Teddy velvet coat with denim pieces to make the overall tone more wintertime. The jacket jacket is more consistent with the temperament of the shirt, and the stars use it to sculpt the youthful styling. If the inside of the shirt is pure white, the matching range of the shirt will be larger, and the stripes and check patterns are good choices.

3 Shirt + sweater + jacket

If you want to put your shirt out of lazy tonality in the cold winter, you can’t make a mistake by wearing a sweater. Everyone knows that the white sweater can be used to brighten the effect, and the soft material also fits the elegant softness as a whole. In the case where the shirt inside is colored, the sweater can be replaced with black to increase the sense of stability. Another way is to expose only the collar of the shirt. The temperature and the layering are both.

4 Shirt + jacket

Finally, the shirt + jacket is a heavyweight CP. You only need to use the inner and outer patterns or the color and darkness to compare. The gas field and the fashion level can be easily handled.Visually slim vertical stripes shirt is a favorite of everyone, I recommends choosing a relatively design style, the pattern on the neckline can make you concave different shapes. Even with a mediocre coat, it’s very good. In order to break the boring state of black and white in winter, the little fairies can try different colors of shirts to create a good mood.

It seems that the simple shirt is very wearable, and it can keep all occasions without picking the age. After learning these tricks and matching the Raiders, girls can also sculpt the shape at this time.